Beyond "The Box"

"Beyond" means just that:  You win by understanding "the game" which is based on demographics.  Can your  story compete with what is currently sold on the bookshelves of America? Then you're ready to go.   A solution awaits...

Our Client Strategy

You win when you begin to make money with your writing.  To do this you need a strategy and a manuscript that can sell.  The way to win is to give yourself twice as many chances.  Here's how:  Get your story read by NYC publishing houses AND tap into the worldwide web with a product that can win.  That's how it is done.

The Formula...

Traditional publishing (author to literary agent, agent to publishing house, agent and author waiting for the publishing house decision) is just as important today as it has ever been.  But that isn't the issue, cannot be the total solution.  There has to be more to increase the chances of winning.  And there is.  The game today is completely different from what took place in the late 1990s.

Think about this:  The readership of the English-speaking world is in excess of 3,000,000,000 people.  This is reality.  The game involves grabbing this demographic, not just submitting to traditional publishing houses and, if a contract is issued, relying on their advertising parameters for a first-time author.  It really means getting your story out to the public in two simultaneous venues, standard publishing (NYC majors, such as Knopf, Little Brown, Bantam, Warner) and eBook through the worldwide web.

See our featured author on the Internet at  T. R. Dawson, "Malibu"

Salable Solutions

We provide concise, easy to understand information concerning the book industry and HOW BEST to get your work into a position where it can win.  That means submitting to  NYC publishers and the worldwide web.   It all starts with a game plan.

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YOu have an idea.  we have a strategy.

Forward Thinking

Positioning your manuscript to make money, for you and us,  involves more than just submitting to NYC publishing houses.  Send us the first three chapters, at a minimum, via email and we'll evaluate then respond.