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A team approach

Upcoming Events

Symposium: Sales & Marketing Forum

Sunnyvale, CA

15-20 December 2018

Far Western Regional Gathering, Authors / Agents

Kansas City, MO

19-20 February 2019

"Where's the Market?" Symposium Forum

Denver, CO

15-20 March 2019

What We Do...

You're the author.  You gave birth to the manuscript.  Now it's time for you to stand behind what you have created and make the decision how best to sell your work. However, a good story is only half the battle. The writing must be at least close to publishable and, if fiction, REFLECT A LEVEL OF ENTICING CHARACTERIZATION; if nonfiction, it must PRESENT A  COMPELLING SUBJECT MATTER THAT SETS IT APART. 

We will get your manuscript before a worldwide market.  VANITY PRESSES DO NOT WORK. THE TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING GAME WITH NYC HOUSES WILL NOT WORK 99.998 PERCENT OF THE TIME EITHER.  What will work is getting your manuscript before a wide enough audience.  Therefore, the author should choose a path that has the best chance of making that happen, not wasting years of frustration flapping in the breeze waiting for a casting wind.

Who We Are

The photo of the airliner wing on our front page is there for a reason.  A passenger airliner gets you to where you need to be faster than you can walk or drive.  A literary agency that directs sales for the author because of knowledge of the industry and decades of contacts puts you, creator of the story, in the driver's seat.  The Aaland Agency is home-based in Inyokern, California, a short distance from LAX and ONT and the hub of business activity in the high desert for the movie and TV industries ("The China Lake Murders" starred Michael Parks as a wannabe police officer;two James Bond movies used the skies over Inyokern Airport and Red Mountain; "Planet of the Apes," 2001, Mark Wahlberg, shot key scenes at the incredible Trona, CA Pinnacles; and numerous TV shows over the years have used the Inyokern/Ridgecrest high desert area for locales and chase scenes).  The Aaland Agency has been in business since 1991.  In the absence of Jo Ann Krueger, Director, Richard Allan, Deputy Director, takes on the duties of managing the agency. Mitzi Rhone is our east coast representative, residing in NYC and onsite within minutes when we need her.