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If you don't know by now, you need to understand the following concept:  NYC book publishers are not in business to sell books. They are in business to make money.  Selling books is the medium by which this happens.

What sells?  The answer is a good story.  The answer is good writing.  The manuscript must exhibit a salable look, unique in content and different in story idea.  Everything else can be made to work.

You also need to know that exposure on the World Wide Web is a must.  That's where we come in.  We can make it happen where NYC book publishers only field well-established authors.  We'll put your foot in the door.

Too, a story not interesting enough with writing less than it should be will not sell via a NYC publishing house or vetted on the web.  Quite simply:  Anything less doesn't work.  Deal with it.

Excellence works.  That's what sells. 

Contact person for The Aaland Agency is Jo Ann Krueger, Director.  The Aaland Agency email address is  and we actually answer our email if we feel your concept idea is something that can win in the marketplace.  At that point the decision is yours as to how you wish to proceed.

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‚ÄčPlease communicate via email as we attend all pertinent far western gatherings and, as often the case, are out of town to pick up mail. We check our email at least every other day. You can deposit email to either Jo Ann, Richard or Mitzi at the above email address.


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